Fanfiction Wizarding World (Theory) – The Weasleys were cursed!

Wizarding World Theory: The Weasleys were cursed to have boys

We all know the Weasley family; red hair, quite poor and lots of kids. “More children than they can afford” was even said about them. Molly and Arthur Weasley have seven children by the time they are only 31 years old, six of whom are boys. Why would a couple so young and apparently poor keep having children, you might wonder. We’re quite sure they are both magical and Muggle methods to prevent pregnancy already existed. The Weasleys don’t appear to have any religion forbidding them from using those methods. So what gives? I have a theory about this; they were cursed.

The curse

What if Molly and Arthur were cursed to keep having baby’s until one of them was a girl. Notice that Ginny was the last Weasley child to be born, in 1981. Molly’s birth year was set in either 1949 or 1950, so she just turned 20 or 21 when she gave birth to Bill at the end of 1970. Charlie and Percy were next. Three kids at only age 26 must not have been easy. Imagine the shock of discovering that they were expecting twins. Molly must have hoped against hope that one of the twins would turn out to be a girl, but no, identical twins always have the same gender. Still, they had to continue procreating, as the curse dictated. And with every child, their financial situation worsened. There is only so much you can do with magic. After going through labour five times and having six boys, I’m sure the unfortunate mother would start to wonder if something might be wrong…

Doubly cursed?

Of course it’s biologically very possible to give birth to six boys consecutively, but it’s rare. Molly might have asked someone like Dumbledore for help or advice after Ron was born in march 1980. Having 6 children in less than ten years without the necessary financial means to take care of them must be very stressful. Dumbledore would have discovered the curse, surely, but what if having to procreate was not the only curse? What if the Weasleys were unable to even conceive a girl? As a second curse. That would mean Molly and Arthur would have to keep having boys until Molly either died of complications or became too old to become pregnant. That could mean at least another 15 to 20 years of constant pregnancy, nursing and crying babies with maybe a total of 18+ kids. Who would wish such a hell on someone? What did the Weasleys do to deserve that kind of horror?

The broken curse

I’m sure Dumbledore would have done everything in his power to lift the curses, but as we know, Ginny was born in August of 1981. This might mean he was unable to lift the ‘having kids until a girl-curse’, but he was able to lift the ‘Only boys-curse’, which in effect lifted the other one.